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Standing Strong For the Wild

Dear wolf supporter,

The U.S. election is over and results have set the course for the next Congress and administration. Our nation and world are at a crossroads when it comes to ensuring the future sustainability of our air, water, wild lands, and wildlife for future generations. And as the transition to a new administration begins, many people are wondering about the future of wolf recovery in the U.S.A. Please rest assured that Wolf Conservation Center will remain true to our mission – to protect and preserve the species we value so deeply. The importance of a keystone predator such as the wolf to a balanced and resilient ecosystem is undeniable. And we remain committed to restoring endangered wolves to their rightful places in our landscapes, in our hearts, and in our culture.

As the new political arena takes hold, we rededicate ourselves to critical challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you for standing with us,

Maggie Howell, WCC Executive Director