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Inspirational 10-Year-Old Raises Awareness and Funds the Wolf Conservation Center

Ten-year-old Bria of Faces Of The Endangered is doing her part to help endangered species (and the Wolf Conservation Center) one painting at a time!

An avid animal lover from Sioux Falls, SD, Bria raised $2,240 for the WCC by selling her beautiful original paintings and prints.

“Each painting focuses on a critically endangered animal that relies on human support for continued survival and we’re so honored that Bria chose to support our center with her wolf paintings,” said Youth Education Coordinator Regan Downey. “She exhibits a passion for the environment that is so rarely seen, and especially not in someone so young.”

Bria’s greatest goal is to get people to see that wolves aren’t scary and without them the earth would lose the glow of the moon. Her other big goal, added her mom, is to come to New York and meet Atka and all the other wolves in person.

Bria, thank you for opening minds, touching our hearts, and exemplifying the amazing potential of your generation to make this world a better place! Atka send his howls of gratitude too!

More from the Lewisboro Daily Voice.

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Atka’s Thank You Howl!