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President Obama: Close the Wolf-Killer Loophole

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President Obama has one more thing to do before he clears his desk in the Oval Office. He needs to eliminate the McKittrick Policy – a loophole that allows endangered wolves to be killed by hunters without any prosecution from the Department of Justice. This policy is named after a rifleman who shot one of the most important alpha wolves reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park in 1995. More from the East Oregonian.

The U.S. Justice Department’s McKittrick policy prohibits prosecuting individuals who kill endangered wildlife unless it can be PROVED that they knew they were targeting a protected animal.

The policy provides a loophole that has prevented criminal prosecution of dozens of individuals who killed grizzly bears, highly endangered California condors as well as DOZENS of critically endangered Mexican wolves.

TAKE ACTION: Urge president to please close the “wolf-killer” loophole by eliminating the McKittrick Policy before he leaves office!

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