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Protect the Endangered Species Act

It appears evident that some politicians have forgotten the bipartisan values that Congress embraced four decades ago when it first passed the Endangered Species Act. This federal law has given thousands of at-risk species a second chance and has worked successfully to prevent the extinction of 99% of the species placed under its protection. A 2015 national poll found that 90% of American voters support the ESA.

Despite its success and public support, the strongest and most important federal law protecting imperiled wildlife and plants is under attack – deemed by its opponents as a job-killing regulation.

Science has concluded that we have entered an unprecedented period of climate change and human-caused Sixth Mass extinction. As conservationists in the 21st century, we are faced with the growing challenge of helping imperiled species heal and flourish and supporting biodiversity for future generations, not dismantling the cornerstone of our nation’s conservation law.

When you dismantle the ESA, you are killing more than a law. And no species should have to face extinction at the hands of humanity, much less twice.