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USFWS Pledges to Prepare Updated Red Wolf Recovery Plan


In a letter, USFWS Southeast Regional Director Cynthia Dohner has pledged to prepare an updated recovery plan in 2018 for the rapidly dwindling population of wild red wolves.

Only 45 red wolves remain in the wild.

“The red wolf is one of the few large carnivore species endemic to the United States. Their importance to a balanced and resilient ecosystem is undeniable,” said Maggie Howell, Executive Director of the Wolf Conservation Center. ”Red wolf recovery should be a matter of pride and priority for our nation and a current science-based recovery plan is needed now more than ever.”

Last month the WCC joined six other animal protection and conservation organizations to file a petition with the federal agency seeking an updated recovery plan for critically endangered species.

In response to the petition, the Service explains that a revised recovery plan will incorporate new information about red wolves, including a “species status assessment” to be prepared by October.

Take action HERE.

Urge USFWS, the very agency charged by federal law with protecting endangered species, to recommit to red wolf recovery in the wild. Before it’s too late.

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