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We Can’t Let 2017 Be Remembered As the Year We Gave up On Red Wolves

With only 45 red wolves remaining in the wild, he might be the last one you see. Red wolves don’t have a voice when it comes to endangered species policy. But you do.

URGENT: Please tell Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell that USFWS, the very agency charged by federal law with protecting endangered species, needs to recommit to red wolf recovery in the wild.


The red wolf is one of the few large carnivore species endemic to the United States – this keystone predator has never been found anywhere else in the world. Their importance to a balanced and resilient ecosystem is undeniable. And their recovery should be a matter of pride and priority for our nation. Hunting, trapping, and poisoning caused the initial extinction of red wolves in the wild. Today the world’s most endangered wolf is facing extinction for a second time, but at the hands of our government. Learn more.