Month: March 2017

National Wildlife Refuge System at Risk

March 16, 2017

Just two days after the USFWS National Wildlife Refuge System celebrated its 114th birthday, we learned President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget is filled with dramatic and damaging cuts to conservation programs. Instead of a birthday gift that would alleviate the current budget crisis in the Refuge System, the budget proposal would close refuges, stop…

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Arctic Wolf Attitude

March 14, 2017

It’s a good day to be an Arctic wolf.  Have fun, Atka!

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For wolves, playtime isn’t only fun, it strengthens family bonds.

March 11, 2017

 This is what family looks like. Not only do wolves use body language to convey the rules of the family (a.k.a. pack) and communicate intentions, they also use it to initiate fun! When seeking to play, wolves will dance and bow playfully. Playtime can also include a game of chase, jaw sparring, and varied vocalizations.…

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Remembering Apache

March 10, 2017

Today we remember an old friend. Seven years ago today, Ambassador Wolf Apache passed away at the age of 12. Although his powerful essence was hard to define, people understood it when they saw him. Apache was a head turner. When he howled, everyone listened. When he led, everyone followed. When he left, everything changed.…

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Never Underestimate the Power of an Alpha Female

March 8, 2017

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we honor 11 female conservation leaders who helped drive the 20th century conservation movement. Read about them here!

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Lobo Love Bodes Well For Mexican Wolf Recovery

March 6, 2017

Big News! It’s an exciting time for wolves and the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) — it’s the season of romance! Hormones are racing and earlier this afternoon we witnessed Mexican gray wolves F1226 (Belle) and M1133 (Rhett) engage in a copulatory tie via webcam! Mexican wolf F1226 with her pups born May 2016 The Species…

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To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul

March 5, 2017

To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your own soul – I hope you like what you see. ~Aldo Leopold.

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When it comes to wolves, it’s all about family.

March 4, 2017

This is what family looks like. For wolves, bath-time isn’t only fun, it helps strengthen family bonds. When Ambassador wolf Zephyr licks and nibbles his younger brother Nikai, not only is big brother keeping Nikai’s fur clean and free of debris, his grooming efforts are gestures of intimacy that reaffirm the unique emotional bonds that…

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Federal Court Puts Wyoming Wolves Back in the Crosshairs, Decision Poised to Impact Wolves Beyond the State

March 3, 2017

A federal appeals court today upheld the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2012 decision to remove gray wolves in Wyoming from the endangered species list to allow trophy/predator hunting to resume immediately. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that USFWS reasonably found that Wyoming had…

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Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Left Her Mark

March 2, 2017

Mexican wolf F613 (a.k.a. Mama Gray), was a legendary loba, a powerful mother, and tireless leader. She experienced tremendous accomplishments and longevity in her life despite the political challenges that come with being a Mexican wolf. A year ago we said goodbye, but her compelling story and tenacious spirit continues to empower us to press…

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