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Ambassador Wolf Nikai Turns Three


Throw back your head and let out a long celebratory birthday howl for Nikai! Welcome to the terrific twos, kiddo! The Wolf Conservation Center‘s youngest Ambassador has been an inspiration from his adorable start. Within a month of joining the WCC family the little beast huffed, puffed, and hiccupped his way into the hearts and minds of a global audience. His viral video “Wolf Pup Hiccups” almost broke the internet!

As an important part of the Ambassador Pack, the stunning ambassador continues to awe WCC guests and help open the door to understanding the importance and plight of his wild kin.

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

Help support the WCC’s efforts to protect and preserve wolf populations in North America by adopting the birthday boy! We offer several adoption levels. No matter what the level, each adoption kit includes an 8×10 wolf photo, wolf biography, adoption certificate and a subscription to our newsletter. Learn more.