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Bill Seeks To Put Endangered Species Decisions in Hands Of Politicians


Lawmakers this week revived legislation that would dismantle the Endangered Species Act – kill the law’s ability to protect imperiled animals and plants.

S. 935, the purported “Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act,” would weaken the ESA by requiring the Interior Secretary to obtain the consent of governors before making management decisions that would affect species within their states. It would also require congressional approval of the endangered and threatened species lists and automatically remove plants or animals after five years. View the bill here.

The ESA requires the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to follow the best available SCIENCE, not politics, in recovery planning and implementation for an endangered species. This ESA “Extinction Bill” blatantly ignores this federal mandate, and thus undermines the integrity of our nation’s most significant environmental law.

No species should have to face extinction, much less at the hands of politicians.

Please urge your Congressional representatives to oppose ALL legislation that takes aim at ESA and imperiled wildlife.

Take action here.