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She came. She saw. She needs a name.


Last month, an adventurous Mexican gray wolf broke new ground.

As a part of ongoing reintroduction effort in Mexico, a family of critically endangered wolves was released in the wild approximately 90 miles south of the international border. Last month, one of the wolves, an adventurous yearling, broke new ground. The 11-month-old female crossed the international border to arrive in Arizona. Her name is “f1530.”

Her wild milestone is a demonstration of the great potential for Mexican wolf recovery and the critical need to protect the wildlife corridors she employed.

After crossing that border, she was captured and placed in captivity – a federal pre-release facility in New Mexico. It’s our hope she will be paired with a companion and returned to the wild soon. But in the meantime, she needs a name! Can you help us find a fitting name for this courageous young wolf?

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