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Youth Activist Working to Protect the Endangered Species Act

TWO THOUSAND MILES from the small population of wild Mexican gray wolves, Turner Burns of Kids for Wolves is working hard to protect the lobo – the world’s most endangered gray wolf – and the federal law that saved them from extinction.

Earlier this week Turner met with the staff of U.S. Senator Bob Casey to talk about Mexican wolves and the importance of protecting the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Under the guise of “modernizing” the ESA, wildlife opponents in Congress have introduced dozens of proposals to weaken this vital federal law to benefit powerful corporate interests.

Turner might not be old enough to vote, but he recognizes that Congress’ efforts to “modernize” the ESA is just another “alternative fact!” So, Turner called on Senator Casey for his help. He explained how the ESA has given thousands of at-risk species a second chance and has worked successfully to prevent the extinction of 99% of the species placed under its protection. Turner then presented the Senator with a photo and paw print of Mexican gray wolf M1133 (Rhett) as an example of the ESA’s success and importance.

Enormous thanks to Turner – you are amazing – an inspiration! And big thanks to U.S. Senator Bob Casey for pledging to support the ESA!

Please visit Turner’s Facebook page – Kids for Wolves -to learn how your kiddo can join the effort to protect the ESA via his post card campaign.