Month: May 2017

Wild Salute

May 28, 2017
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Wolf Conservation Center Welcomes Critically Endangered Wolf Pups

May 24, 2017

A critically endangered Mexican gray wolf living at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) made a priceless contribution to the recovery of her rare and at-risk species on Monday – she…

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Feds Propose Changing Protections for World’s Last Wild Red Wolves

May 23, 2017

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is considering changes to the existing protections for the world’s last population of wild red wolves. Fewer than 35 remain. Published this morning,…

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Ambassador Wolf Atka Receives 1000 Emails

May 21, 2017

Well wishers at yesterday’s birthday bash check out Atka’s meat-filled piñata moments before the Atka tore it to shreds! We wanted to make sure Atka’s 15th birthday was special, so…

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What Draws Tourists to Yellowstone? Wolves!

May 18, 2017

What draws tourists to Yellowstone? A new scientific visitor survey shows the number one draw is wildlife – specifically wolves and grizzly bears! Beyond their value as a critical keystone…

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It’s Ambassador Wolf Atka’s 15th Birthday

May 16, 2017

Happy Birthday, Atka! Today Ambassador Wolf Atka turns 15 years old! The confident and charismatic ambassador has opened the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people in his…

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Yellowstone: A Wild Homecoming

May 15, 2017

The last wolves in Yellowstone Nation Park were killed nearly a century ago. But with the support of the American public in 1995 and 1996, a new chapter in Yellowstone’s…

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 14, 2017

Wishing Mexican gray wolf F1226 (a.k.a. Belle)and all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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Necropsy Results Reveal Beloved Yellowstone Wolf Was Shot

May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017 – A month ago today, hikers discovered a severely injured wolf inside Yellowstone National Park. Today, we learn from the National Park Service that the white matriarch…

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Celebrate Ambassador Wolf Atka

May 10, 2017

Atka’s birthday is one week from today! Celebrate Atka and support the Wolf Conservation Center’s efforts to protect his wild kin with your purchase of a limited “Ambassador” T-shirt! SHOP…

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