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Mexican Gray Wolf “Trumpet” Turns One!


A year ago today, Mexican gray wolf 1143 (“Rosa”) gave birth to a single pup, f1505, a robust little girl nicknamed “Trumpet” for her loud squeals. Today a new chapter begins the critically endangered kiddo, it’s her time to transition from puppy-hood to adulthood. So throw back your head and let out a long celebratory birthday howl for Trumpet! Welcome to yearling-hood!

Unbeknownst to the birthday girl, Trumpet has been creeping into the hearts and homes of a global audience thanks to the Wolf Conservation Center’s remote webcams. At just a few weeks old, Trumpet even became a TV star on ABC News – raising awareness for her critically endangered kin and our efforts to save her species from extinction.

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Thank you, Trumpet, for unknowingly becoming such a powerhouse in the fight to restore Mexican gray wolves to their ancestral homes in the wild!

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