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Are We Experiencing the Sixth Mass Extinction?


Recent scientific analyses found that one in six species will be lost forever if world leaders fail to act on climate change – and human activity is causing extinctions of unprecedented scale. We have entered Earth’s sixth mass extinction event. Even using the most conservative estimates, the rate of extinction during the 20th century was up to 100 times faster than it would have been without human impacts.

More via the The New York Times.

The impacts of mass extinction on our own immediate future is alarmingly relevant. As the world’s diverse species vanish, so do countless crucial functions we depend upon: the ecosystem services that have enabled humans to have a good standard of living.

That is why Congressional threats to our Endangered Species Act are unacceptable.

Please consider signing and sharing the Wolf Conservation Center‘s campaign to save the Endangered Species Act. Take action.

Infographic by Eco Sapien