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Congress Demands Genetic Tests to Delist Endangered Mexican Wolves

Biologists processing a wolf pup, including drawing blood for DNA analysis and affixing a tracking collar. (Photo: Arizona Game and Fish Department)

In an Effort to Strip the Critically Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf of Protections, Congress Now Wants Genetic Tests

Proposed spending plan for the U.S. Interior Department calls for a study to determine whether Mexican gray wolves are a genetically distinct subspecies despite multiple studies that have confirmed the lobo as a valid subspecies.

Extensive, independent DNA testing – including recent studies using a more accurate genetic analysis – shows conclusively that both captive and wild Mexican wolves are a pure wolf subspecies and substantially different from northern gray wolves, dogs and coyotes. Biologists from the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team pull blood from every new wolf they collar or handle and submit it for DNA analysis to continually monitor the purity of wild Mexican wolves.