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Doubling Down On Efforts to Kill Wolves, Idaho Considers Bait

WOLF_BAITING_LOGO_SMAlthough no other state allows the use of bait to hunt wolves for trophy, in its ongoing effort to kill wolves, Idaho is considering a new rule that would allow wolf baiting. Since protections were lifted for wolves in Idaho 2011, the state has made clear its intentions to “manage” wolves with a heavy hand. Not only does the Gem State sanction robust trophy wolf hunting/trapping seasons, it also established a state “Wolf Depredation Control Board” on which Idaho budgets $400,000 annually to exterminate wolves, often by aerial gunning, and even in wilderness areas.


Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) is giving the public a chance to weigh in by accepting comments on the proposed rule until July 26. Please consider taking a few seconds to fill out IDFG’s survey to tell Idaho that under NO circumstances should baiting be allowed.

(Check “no” to question 1-3, and “yes” to question 4)

Complete the survey HERE.