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Washington State Plans to Kill Wolves on Public Lands

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Plans to Take Lethal Action to Change Wolf Pack’s Behavior

State wildlife managers plan to remove members of the Smackout Pack after repeated depredations on livestock in Stevens County since 2015. Lethal action is consistent with Washington’s Wolf Management Plan of 2011 and with the department’s policy that allows for the removal of wolves if they prey on livestock three times in a 30-day period or four times in a 10-month period.

An injured calf was found with bite marks consistent with a wolf attack on July 18th in a leased federal grazing area. The public lands of the United States harbor some of the greatest resources of our nation. Federally managed lands, like this remote, rugged, and relatively road-less area of public forest in the northeast corner of Washington state, are owned by ALL Americans.

Should we allow the killing of this nation’s wildlife on OUR public lands to benefit the profit margins of a private business?

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