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Free Family Event – Walk for Wolves

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Fostering Peaceful Coexistence with Our Wild Neighbors


August 9, 2017 (Wednesday)
1PM – 3PM
(4 Reservation Rd, Cross River, NY 10576 Shelter 5)

In our efforts to encourage peaceful coexistence between people and wildlife, the Wolf Conservation Center’s fifth annual “Family Walk for Wolves” service-learning event celebrates iconic mammals and our ability to live alongside them.

Americans are fortunate to have an enormous diversity of wildlife sharing the landscape with us. However, as human populations continue to encroach into natural habitats, contact between humans and wildlife is on the rise and sometimes conflicts can occur.

Promoting positive attitudes of tolerance toward wildlife and modifying our own behavior is essential to peaceful coexistence with our wild neighbors.

The WCC’s “Family Walk for Wolves” will invite children and adults to participate in an outdoor adventure through a circuit of educational workshops about the fascinating lives of bears, coyotes, bobcats and wolves and offer innovative and effective methods to promote coexistence. In addition to earning free raffle tickets for exciting prizes at every station along the trail, participants will be provided with the tools, resources, and expertise to minimize potential conflicts with the wild.

Plan to join? Please email to let us know!

Coexistence Crafts! Interactive Activities!

Educational and fun for adults and children alike!
Wednesday, August 9, 1PM-3PM