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Via Federal Appeals Court Decision, Great Lakes States Wolves to Remain Protected


Today, a federal Court of Appeals ruled against the Interior Department’s 2011 decision to delist wolves of the Great Lakes states under the Endangered Species Act.

Regulators in 2011 delisted the gray wolf in the Great Lakes arguing that the populations there were “significant” and that disease and humans did not pose a threat to the wolves.

The Humane Society sued over the decision, and in 2014 a federal district court ruled against the delisting effort. More.

Good news for now…

Despite the court ruling, some members of Congress are currently working on legislation to force the USFWS to strip federal protections for these wolves with an added provision that prohibits judicial review, thus preventing any legal challenge moving forward.

Take Action

Please email your senators and urge them to oppose the anti-wolf legislation (S.1514). Take action HERE.