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Killing 1000 Wolves is Not Conservation


In Canada, long-outdated policies continue to allow the use of reckless and violent poisons to kill wolves… and wolves aren’t the only ones suffering.

A minimum of 2,130 animals have been killed under the guise of conserving a herd of roughly 80 caribou in a landscape that is now 96% disturbed by oil, gas and forestry.

Numbers obtained by our friends at Wolf Awareness Inc show over 1,000 wolves have been gunned down from helicopters, strangled in snares, and poisoned with strychnine since 2005; and an estimated 250 other non-target animals have been accidentally poisoned.

It’s no secret that strychnine is inhumane.

When animals are poisoned with strychnine, it takes a long time to die. The animals are completely lucid throughout the whole poisoning episode – they can hear everything, they can see everything, they can feel everything.

It’s the 21st century. Is this what conservation should look like?


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