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Questions Surrounding Alleged Self-Defense Wolf Killing


On October 27, an elk hunter in Oregon reported that he shot and killed a protected wolf in self-defense. However, emerging details reveal the hunter’s story and the forensic evidence don’t match.

Carter Niemeyer, a retired USFWS biologist with 30 years experience overseeing and/or consulting on wolf recovery work throughout the West, doubt’s the hunter’s story.

Niemeyer said he has hunted predators for 52 years as a government hunter and a taxidermist, and has dealt with fellow sportsmen and shooters for decades. “I’ve heard every story,” he said. “This story is very suspect to me.”

Oregon Wild’s Steve Pedry asked, “Why would Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife sign off on a report that is directly contradicted by the evidence?”

Poachers have killed several Oregon wolves – it’s a real problem. Since October 2016, three federally protected wolves have been illegally killed in the state. It’s feared that wolf shooters might now use a “self-defense” claim as a free pass to poaching.

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Note: This story is still developing. Follow Oregon Wild for updates.