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Axl Rose Throws Himself to the Wolves


Join Axl Rose and fight the war on wolves!

The “War on Wolves” budget rider seeks to strip Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from wolves in four states. If passed into law, these wolves will die at the hands of TROPHY hunters.

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The toxic provision proposes to permanently remove federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Wyoming, to allow trophy hunting and trapping of wolves to resume. To add insult to injury, the rider prohibits its judicial review, thus preventing any legal challenge.

Judicial review is an important part of the checks and balances to limit the authority of the legislative branch. Wolves are on the table today. What tomorrow? Our environment? Our public health? Our civil rights? Would your Senator support a bill that undermines one of the central pillars of American democracy?

Lawmakers have repeatedly inserted this anti-wolf/anti-ESA provision into unrelated must-pass spending bills. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Please urge your representatives to ensure that anti-wolf riders, which undermine the ESA and its scientific process, are NOT included in the must-pass budget bill. Take action here.

Photo: Katarina Benzova Photography