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Surprise! Two Wolves Are Still Alive On Isle Royale.


Two wolves are still alive on Michigan’s remote Isle Royale!

The news that the island in Lake Superior remains home to two wolves comes despite speculation by some media last year that the once-strong wolf population had dwindled to a single wolf.

But a strong wolf pack is needed to keep Isle Royale’s growing moose population under control. With only two wolves left to feast on them, the moose are undergoing a population explosion that could endanger the wilderness area’s fir trees and eventually cause many of the moose to starve.

The National Park Service is expected to make a decision by spring on whether or not to release 20 to 30 new wolves over a three-year period as a way to bolster the population on the remote Lake Superior island. Stay tuned by following Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale fo Facebook.

More via Michigan Live.