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Endangered Wolf Family Released In Chihuahua, Mexico!

The Wild is Calling and the Lobos are Ready!

On February 9, 2018, a family of 5 wolves from Buenavista del Cobre Sonora Wildlife Facility were released in the wild in Chihuahua, Mexico! The family consists a breeding pair (one five-year-old and the other 10) as well as three juveniles (two males and one female) of approximately 19 months of age. The 5 wolves were fitted with satellite telemetry collars to monitor their activity and movement.

Here in the U.S., recovery demands releasing family groups like this one into the wild. Unfortunately, state politics have too often blocked USFWS’s release efforts so wolves essential to the genetic health of the wild population remain in captivity.

USFWS has a responsibility under federal law to facilitate recovery of the critically endangered species and releases are a central part of that effort. With only 114 remaining in the U.S., time is running out.