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Get Wildly Romantic For Valentine’s Day


Love is rare. So are wolves.

Looking for a unique way to say “I love you” to that special person? Hoping to find a gift that represents how they bring out your animalistic side? Sponsor one of our critically endangered mating pairs for a wildly romantic present!

The WCC is fortunate to have five potential breeding pairs this season – two red wolf pairs and three Mexican gray wolf pairs. Unbeknownst to these hopeful lovers, the fate of their critically endangered species rests on their shoulders. Both species were at one point extinct in the wild but through careful management, controlled releases, and the support of individuals like you, their populations have grown. We’re hoping this season will be especially exciting with numerous mating ties and we want YOU to join in the fun! Make it a threesome!

Each potential breeding pair, just like every human breeding pair, has a unique relationship – there are veteran parents, newlyweds, etc. – and each pair can be sponsored for Valentine’s Day! Recipients will receive an online certificate with photos of the breeding pair and information about their “couple”: how they met, any trials in their relationship, their courtship behaviors, and more captivating details!

Tell someone you want to get wild with them today!

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