Month: March 2018

Mexican Gray Wolf – The Wild Reborn

March 29, 2018

Twenty years ago today, 11 captive-reared Mexican gray wolves were released to the wild for the first time in Arizona and New Mexico. Missing from the landscape for more than…

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12-Yr-Old Artist Designs Official 2018 LoboWeek Logo

March 28, 2018

It’s #LoboWeek! A week to celebrate the 20th anniversary the Mexican gray wolf’s return to the wild! Meet the artist behind the official 2018 LoboWeek logo – Vivian Ostrander! When…

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Double your Donation for the Lobo -Today Only!

March 27, 2018

Twenty years this month, 11 captive-reared Mexican gray wolves were released to the wild for the first time in Arizona and New Mexico. Missing from the landscape for more than 30…

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10-Year-Old Wolf Advocate Names Endangered Mexican Wolf Pup After Author Carl Hiaasen

March 25, 2018

Meet Mexican gray wolf pup Carl! The great folks at posted the results of their Sixth Annual Mexican Wolf Pup Naming Contest and thanks to the 105 children who…

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Lights Out Around the World to Call on the Importance of Addressing Climate Change

March 24, 2018

Starting as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour is now the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people to take action for…

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“War on Wolves” Rider Dropped from Omnibus Bill

March 21, 2018

Policy riders that would have eliminated Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in 4 states were dropped from the omnibus bill! YOU DID IT! Congress heard your howls! Thanks…

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NPS May Soon Restore Wolves to Isle Royale

March 17, 2018

Friday, the National Park Service (NPS) tentatively decided to transport 20-30 gray wolves to Isle Royale in Michigan over the next three years to replenish a population that has nearly…

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How Selena Gomez Unknowingly “Handled” to Help Wolves

March 16, 2018

When Puma chose Selena Gomez instead of Richard Handler for their new campaign…something had to be done. Enormous howls of thanks to Wolf Conservation Center supporter Richard Handler for taking…

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New Study Provides Assessment of Future Large Carnivore Reintroduction Sites

March 16, 2018

In a “rewilding” movement cheered by some but decried by others, wolves have recolonized portions of their former range in the United States. Red wolf (Canis rufus)reintroduction was among the…

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March 15, 2018

Happy Birthday, Kai! The self-appointed Sheriff of the Wolf Conservation Center‘s “Staff Pack” turns 12 years old today! The 90lb German Shepherd is more than a pretty face; as a…

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