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Killing Alberta Wolves is Not Conservation


Alberta has spent millions of dollars in attempts to recover critically endangered woodland caribou populations in the Little Smoky range, an area impacted by oil, gas, and forestry industries. Since the tax-funded wolf kill program began in 2005, over 1,200 wolves have been killed under the guise of “caribou protection.” The results? Wolves have been shot from helicopters, poisoned with strychnine, and strangled in snares but there has been no growth in the caribou population.

This is not conservation. This is tax-funded wildlife slaughter. Rather than eliminate seismic lines and logging, Alberta has instead broadened their kill list to include bears, elk, and deer, in addition to wolves.

“Government is responsible for ethical wildlife management and should take into account and plan for the well-being of future generations,” remarks Sadie Parr of Wolf Awareness Inc. “This is not just about caribou, wolves or oil. This is about examining our relationship with nature.”

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