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Taxpayers Fund Killing of Endangered Mexican Wolf – Plus 1.3 Million Other Native Animals

One might imagine that an agency called “Wildlife Services” would take on a supportive role in safeguarding wildlife. Think again. Often dubbed “the Killing Agency,” this branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture released it’s annual report yesterday and the death toll is staggering,

In 2017, woefully misnamed agency killed at least 1,320,075 native animals.

And the killing was paid by taxpayers like you and me.

In a single year alone, Wildlife Services killed:

  • Critically endangered Mexican gray wolf F1557 of the Diamond Pack
  • 357 gray wolves 
  • 69,041 coyotes
  • 3,753 foxes
  • 552 black bears
  • 1,001 bobcats
  • 319 cougars

Plus tens of thousands of beavers, squirrels, prairie dogs, and more.

And pets and other endangered species too.

Are you willing to let your taxpayer dollars continue to fund this agency’s destructive and inhumane lethal wildlife control practices?

Read the report here.

More via Wildearth Guardians.