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Feds Move to Allow Killing of Wolves and Pups on National Wildlife Refuge Land in Alaska


Killing wolves and their pups in dens, aerial gunning, snaring, baiting … on our National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska?

In 2015, federal rules outlawed nearly all predator hunting on national wildlife refuges in Alaska.

Today, the Department of the Interior is moving to reverse these federal rules in order to allow the excessive killing of iconic predators to promote “game” animals on public refuge land.

Alaska’s national refuges are NOT private game reserves. What are wildlife refuges, after all, if not refuges for wildlife? Moreover, that wilderness belongs to all of us. So what would you allow on your National Wildlife Refuges? Would you allow killing wolves and their pups in their dens? Will you let people kill mother bears with cubs? What about baiting brown bears, shooting predators from aircraft, or killing them with traps and snares? If your answer is “no,” your help is needed.

Members of the public have 60 days to provide comment on the proposed new rules.

Submit your comment here by July 23, 2018.