Month: June 2018

Rare Red Wolf Pups Get Ready to Rumble

June 11, 2018

PUPDATE — At almost 8 weeks old, the red wolf pups are active romping and wrestling with one another! Beyond being great fun for the siblings, the pups are sharpening…

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Groups Call for Forest Service to Cancel Permit for Rancher Who Killed Mexican Wolf

June 10, 2018

Conservation groups and wildlife advocates are demanding the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) revoke the grazing permits of a rancher who knowingly trapped and killed a critically endangered Mexican gray wolf.…

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Seven-Week-Old Red Wolf Pups’ Mighty Howl

June 8, 2018

Participating in a howl is critical in a wolf pup’s development. Pups might first begin to squeak out un-solicited howls at just a couple of weeks old. But once their…

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PepsiCo Volunteer Day at the Wolf Conservation Center

June 7, 2018

Most people probably don’t wake up in the morning and head to work with the intention of renovating the homes of iconic apex predators, but for nearly 70 employees from…

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Wisconsin Wolf Survey Suggests Wolf Population Could Be Stabilizing

June 6, 2018

New data from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources suggests Wisconsin’s wolf population may be stabilizing – a natural development which occurs to wolf populations when left undisturbed by humans…

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Red Wolf Pups Hear Lobo’s Alarm

June 5, 2018

The almost 7-week-old red wolf pups took notice when they heard Mexican gray wolf Rhett’s (M1133) alarm – and with good reason. Is danger near? A howl’s long low pitch…

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PUPDATE: 7-Week-Old Red Wolf Pups Growing More Independent

June 4, 2018

The Wolf Conservation Center’s critically endangered red wolf pups are almost seven weeks old! The little wanderers are growing more independent every day. Around five weeks old, the pups were…

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11-Year-Old Raises $30,000 for Endangered Species with Artwork

June 3, 2018

Meet Faces Of The Endangered artist Bria Neff! Over the past three years, 11-year-old Neff has spent more than 500 hours painting, researching, educating and raising awareness of endangered animals.  Her efforts…

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Six-Week-Old Red Wolf Pup Howls

June 2, 2018

Your moment of critically endangered cuteness! Beyond being cute, this pocket-sized predator represents the Wolf Conservation Center’s active participation in an effort to save a species from extinction. While the…

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