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PepsiCo Volunteer Day at the Wolf Conservation Center

Most people probably don’t wake up in the morning and head to work with the intention of renovating the homes of iconic apex predators, but for nearly 70 employees from PepsiCo’s Office in White Plains, NY, that’s exactly how they spent their workday.

Yesterday, the amazing PepsiCo volunteers spent the day at the Wolf Conservation Center working on various projects from landscaping, clean-up, to habitat enhancement.

Although ambassador wolf Atka was concerned about people rearranging his stuff, he was pleasantly surprised to return home to a lush carpet of soft sod – great to snooze on, roll on, and fun to tear up too!

The WCC wolves and staff extend sincere howls of gratitude to all of the generous PepsiCo volunteers who pitched in order to enrich the wolves’ environment and make the WCC a better place!

It’s amazing what a single group of people accomplished in just one day!

To learn about volunteer opportunities at the WCC, please click here.