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PUPDATE: 7-Week-Old Red Wolf Pups Growing More Independent


The Wolf Conservation Center’s critically endangered red wolf pups are almost seven weeks old!

The little wanderers are growing more independent every day.

Around five weeks old, the pups were moved out of the den to another location called a “rendezvous site.” Here, the pups are playing with just about anything they can get their paws and sharp little teeth on, but always under the watchful eyes of their parents.

The gradual process of weaning has begun – their menu has expanded to include small pieces of meat regurgitated by their parents and older siblings. Soon adult hair will become more apparent and their eyes will gradually change from blue to yellow-gold.

With disproportionately large feet and ears, the pups are romping, playing, biting, and tackling one another. Beyond being great fun for the siblings, the pups are sharpening important skills and establishing a pecking order in the family hierarchy.