Month: August 2018

PUPDATE – Mexican Wolf Pup Milestone

August 3, 2018

Rosa (F1143) and Alleno’s (M1198) pups are now three months old! The critically cute litter of nine received their twelve-week health check earlier today, with assistance from Dr. Bayha of Pound Ridge Veterinary Center, and each pup is healthy, strong, and wild – the perfect combination! As part of the Wolf Conservation Center’s participation in…

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For Wolves, It’s All About Family

August 1, 2018

Allowing wolves to express their natural social behavior benefits the wider ecosystem as well as the wolves themselves. (Dr. Gordon Haber) In Algonquin Provincial Park eastern wolves have been protected for more than a century. Nevertheless, hunting in the surrounding townships was causing around two-thirds of total wolf deaths, primarily in winter when their main…

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