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Does Collaboration and Coexistence Require Killing State-Endangered Wolves?

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) recently killed an injured wolf, leaving behind his mate and pups, because the family had preyed upon cattle grazing on public lands. The killing sparked outrage across the United States, but it’s not a new practice; Washington has frequently issued the lethal removal of wolves in an effort to promote “coexistence” with ranchers and livestock owners. Several other states practice predator removal to protect livestock, even when the livestock are grazing on remote, rugged lands – lands that are perfect territory for wolves, but not cattle.

These extreme practices, touted as ways to promote the peaceful coexistence of wolves and livestock, seem to be anything but, and have sparked debate among the conservation community.

Should collaboration and coexistence mean the killing of state endangered wolves to benefit private industry?

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