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New Study – Carnivore Conservation Needs Evidence-Based Livestock Protection

Preventing carnivores from preying on livestock, and preventing the human retaliation that can follow, would achieve three important societal goals: preserve nature, protect animal welfare, and safeguard livelihoods. Achieving these objectives depends on policies that foster coexistence between humans and wild carnivores.

In a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS Biology, twenty-one authors from 10 nations reviewed 114 peer-reviewed scientific studies measuring the effectiveness of lethal and non-lethal methods for reducing carnivore predation on livestock. The researchers found that livestock guardian dogs, livestock enclosures and fladry are all effective non-lethal conflict deterrents.

Since evidence of the effectiveness of any intervention should be a prerequisite to policy-making or large-scale funding. the authors urge the formation of an international coalition of scientists to set standardized scientifically-supported protocols to ultimately inform society, property owners, decision-makers, and other interests for wise wildlife management policy.

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