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WA Officials Kill Injured Togo Wolf to Protect Cows

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) just confirmed they have shot and killed the collared male of the Togo wolf family group. The new father leaves behind his mate and their two pups of the year.

Gray wolves are listed as endangered by the State of Washington and are thus afforded protection under state law.

Lethal action, however, is consistent with Washington’s controversial Wolf Management Plan. The kill order was issued following livestock depredations in Togo territory, including on U.S. Forest Service land, over the course of 10 months.

Although Washington stands apart from other states by requiring the utilization of nonlethal practices, such as employing range riders to separate wolves from cattle, killing wolves to “change wolf pack behavior to reduce the potential for recurrent wolf depredations on livestock,” has proven ineffective. WDFW has been killing wolves over three consecutive years as a solution, yet depredations on livestock continue.

Is it time for WDFW to listen to science and the desires of the American public and stop killing wolves, on America’s public lands no less, to benefit the profit margins of a private business?