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Washington State Wildlife Officials Kill OPT Alpha Female To Protect Cows


They killed her five-month-old wolf pup two weeks ago. Today, Washington State wildlife officials killed the mom.

Earlier today, a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) employee killed the breeding female of the Old Profanity Territory (OPT) pack in an attempt to stop livestock attacks in the area. Officials killed a young OPT wolf last week, only to have an increase in livestock attacks. In fact, peer-reviewed research suggests that killing predators can result in increased attacks on livestock by survivors.

The livestock owner is continuing to graze his cattle on public lands in OPT territory. WDFW is killing wolves (state endangered wolves no less) on America’s public lands to benefit the profit margins of a private business.

Is it “Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife” or “Washington Department of Fish and Cows?”