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Fish & Game Commissioner Under Fire After Bragging About Killing Family of Baboons in Africa


Blake Fischer, an Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner, is being criticized after bragging about killing at least 14 animals while hunting in Africa, including a whole family of baboons – baby and all. Does this seem like a person who should be in charge of wildlife?

State Fish and Game Commissioners across the country have great power – they make decisions re the conservation and “management” of the wildlife in their respective states.

To kill a sentient creature for the purpose of using its body or part of it as a trophy is not conservation – it is essentially killing for fun or as a celebration of violence.

While we appreciate his peers who are calling for Fischer’s resignation, we ask that they also look inward at Idaho’s hunting policies, including Idaho’s unethical trophy hunting seasons on wolves.

If killing baboons is terrible, why is it acceptable to kill wolves and other predators for trophy?

Alas, is “conservation” a misnomer in today’s American wildlife agency system?

Contact the Commissioners re removing Fischer immediately by emailing them here – (please be respectful)

More. (WARNING – graphic photos)