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Conservation-Minded Child Names Critically Endangered Red Wolf


Maples have long signified strength and endurance, and now, thanks to Clare Dür, the autumnal tree will now share its name with a critically endangered red wolf pup. Clare, an elementary school student from New York, suggested the name “Maple” for red wolf pup m2234 because “every maple leaf is different and special just like red wolves.” Red wolves are some of the most endangered mammals in the world, with less than 24 remaining in the wild. And just like people, every red wolf is special and deserving of his or her own identity.

Meet red wolf pup Maple!
Meet red wolf pup Maple!

In an effort to raise awareness for red wolves, the Wolf Conservation Center hosted a Red Wolf Pup Naming Contest and received over 100 entries! Interested children in grades K – 8 were encouraged to draw a picture of m2234, pick their desired nickname, and explain why they chose that name. With so many wonderful entries, it was incredibly challenging to decide on one winner, but it was incredibly exciting to see so many children eager to show their support for red wolves.

Clare will receive a sponsorship kit for Maple (m2234) will be able to watch Maple and his family via the WCC’s live webcam. Tune in now for a glimpse of Maple!