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Federal Judge Bans USFWS from Capturing and Killing Red Wolves


A VICTORY for red wolves! Judge finds USFWS’s rollback of red wolf protections is a violation of the Endangered Species Act and bans USFWS from capturing and killing, and authorizing private landowners to capture and kill wild red wolves!

“For four years now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been dismantling one of the most successful predator reintroductions in U.S. history,” said Sierra Weaver, senior attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC).

“The service knows how to protect and recover the red wolf in the wild, but it stopped listening to its scientists and started listening to bureaucrats instead. The law doesn’t allow the agency to just walk away from species conservation, like it did here.”

The conservation groups involved in the litigation are the Red Wolf Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Animal Welfare Society, Inc. (AWI) represented by the Southern Environmental Law Center.