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Tomorrow Only – Your Donation Will Be Matched


All gifts received TOMORROW (including checks dated November 27) will be matched up to a total of $30,000, thanks to an anonymous pledge from a very generous friend!

Mark your calendar to give greater for wolves tomorrow on Giving Tuesday!

Your Support is Critical.
Wolves continue to be subjected to aggressive hunting and trapping in states where protections have been lifted. Wild Mexican wolves and red wolves face serious recovery challenges that will affect their future success. Finally, the very law that is meant to protect endangered species – the Endangered Species Act – is under fire like never before.

But we won’t give up.
The WCC sees a world where vibrant populations of wolves roam wild landscapes across the continent; where no species of wolf cowers on the edge of extinction; and where every child learns of, and respects, these essential creatures.

So we need your help.
Your critical support today will help the WCC continue its commitment to ecosystem education, species preservation, and environmental advocacy!