Month: February 2019

Love is rare. So are wolves.

February 10, 2019

Sponsor a critically endangered mating pair for a wildly romantic gift! There’s still time to share your love for wolves this Valentine’s Day! Show someone you really love them by sponsoring a critically endangered red wolf or Mexican gray wolf mating pair. After all, wolves mate for life! Sponsor a Love Connection .

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Wolf Kiss Interrupted

February 9, 2019

As soon as Mom and Dad try to sneak a kiss, the kids barge in… This critically endangered Mexican gray wolf family represents the Wolf Conservation Center’s active participation in an effort to save a species on the brink of extinction. The Mexican gray wolf or “lobo” is the most genetically distinct lineage of wolves…

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Blueberry-picking Wolves?

February 6, 2019

Blueberry-picking wolves? Yep! The wolves living in Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota eat blueberries – lots of them! Most of the wolf families have been found to spend extended periods of time in July and August, during peak blueberry season, foraging in blueberry patches. Wolf diet during the summer is highly variable and constantly changing.…

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Fewer than 30 Red Wolves Are Left, What Happens Now

February 4, 2019

  Last spring, the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) celebrated the birth of ten critically endangered red wolf pups. Every one of them adorable, and all valuable contributions to the recovery of their rare and at-risk species. But they were born into a world that currently has only one place for them in the wild –…

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The Best Football Games Include Wolves

February 3, 2019

And the MVP (Most Valuable Predator) Award goes to…wolves! Wolves are a critical keystone species in a healthy ecosystem, living up to their “MVP” moniker. By regulating prey populations, wolves enable many other species of plants and animals to flourish. In this regard, wolves have a trickle-down effect on other populations, a phenomenon known as…

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Nine-Month-Old Mexican Wolves Use Den as a Playground

February 1, 2019

A wolf pup’s first home is usually a den – it’s like a nursery! Varying in size and design, a den is simply a cave or hole dug under a boulder, among tree roots, between rocks, or in the ground. Dens are often reused by generations of wolves; sometimes wolf families look for new dens…

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