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Idaho Kills Seven Wolves to Boost Elk Numbers for Human Hunters

Idaho killed seven wolves via its “Wolf Control Program” in the remote and rugged areas of the Clearwater National Forest. The state wants to kill wolves to boost the elk population for human hunters in the Lolo Elk Management Zone.

Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) prefers to manage wolf populations using hunters and trappers and only authorizes its “control actions” where regulated killing has been insufficient to meet “management” goals. The Lolo zone is steep, rugged country that is difficult to access, especially in winter. To date, hunters and trappers have reported 18 wolves killed in the Lolo zone during the 2018-19 season.

IDFG just killed seven more. 

“Fish and Game stepped up predation management in the Lolo area through increased harvest opportunities of black bears and mountain lions. Restoring the Lolo elk population will require continued harvest of black bears, mountain lions, and wolves along with wolf control actions when needed and meaningful large-scale habitat improvements.”

History tells us, however, that the Lolo elk population dropped to historically low levels before wolves were restored to the region. So in an effort to boost elk numbers for human hunters, Idaho is scapegoating wolves and ignoring the many factors that affect elk population including human activities, weather, disease, and wildfire.