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The Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale

Join Dr. Rolf Peterson on April 24 at 7 pm EST for a special (and FREE) webinar about the wolves and moose of Isle Royale!

Isle Royale is a remote wilderness island in Lake Superior and home to populations of wolves and moose that are known worldwide. These animals are the focus of the longest-running study of a predator-prey system in the wild, and Dr. Rolf Peterson, an internationally recognized wildlife ecologist at Michigan Technical University, has been at the helm of the project for over four decades.

Isolated by the frigid waters of Lake Superior, the Isle accommodates wolves and moose in a forest where none of them are exploited by humans, where there is no hunting, no persecution, no logging. Before the National Park Service began its wolf relocation project last fall, this ecologically rare setting was at risk of vanishing along with the last two wolves remaining on the island.

To date, 13 wolves have been relocated to Isle Royale from the mainland of US and Canada. The wolf relocation project is a part of a planned “genetic rescue” of Isle Royale’s dwindling wolf population – an effort to keep the species going and allow the unique ecological study that began 60 years ago to continue.

The Wolf Conservation Center is hosting this free webinar on April 24 at 7 pm EST.

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