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Endangered Wolf Pups Snuggle on Big Sister’s Back

Raising pups is a family affair; it is natural for all the wolves to pitch in.

With parents Trumpet and Lighhawk, the four three-week-olds born on April 26, and the three yearlings (Babs, Kral, and Jow Darling) born in 2018, Wolf Conservation Center webcam viewers have an opportunity to study the complex social structure of a multigenerational pack.

The yearlings will assist their parents in rearing their younger siblings by regurgitating food for them, playing with them, and even babysitting. Moreover, the parents will demonstrate critical parenting strategies and techniques for the yearlings to employ when they have pups of their own.

Passing down knowledge from one generation to the next also allows the family to maintain traditions unique to that pack.

Join the lovable Mexican gray wolf family now via live webcams!

Tune in here.