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Teeny Tiniest Wolf We’ve Ever Known Turns One!

Happy first birthday to the teeny tiniest wolf we’ve ever known!

Born on May 8, 2018 to Mexican gray wolves Rosa and Alléno, Craighead and his eight siblings (who were all named for fabulous female conservationists ) quickly stole the hearts of wolf supporters worldwide with their spunky personalities – and drastic size differences! As the runts of the litter, Craighead and his sister Diane proved that weight is simply a number; it’s the attitude that matters!

Beyond being cute, Craighead and his siblings (Diane, Bria, Hélène, Carson, Beattie, Mittermeier, Lek, and Goodall) represent the Wolf Conservation Center’s active participation in the effort to save their critically endangered species from extinction.

Join them now via LIVE webcam and share some birthday love!

Note: We’re quite proud of Diane, Bria, Hélène, Carson, Beattie, Mittermeier, Lek, and Goodall, but Craighead’s growth is simply too adorable not to document!