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Unforgettable Eastern Wolf Encounter

According to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources, this lanky 3-year-old female is F1737.

Eastern wolves, recently renamed “Algonquin wolves”, were previously considered a subspecies of the gray wolf. Recent genomic research, however, tells us these rare wolves represent a distinct species more similar to the red wolf.

Eastern wolves are classified as a “threatened” species. Scientists estimate that 65% of the world’s eastern wolf population inhabits Ontario, a mere 154 adult wolves.

Unfortunately, Ontario has not implemented a total ban on the hunting and trapping these unique wolves despite their threatened status.


When Ontario applies protection to eastern wolves, the measures must also apply to coyotes. And killing coyotes is popular.

Learn what you can do to help from our friends at Earthroots:

(Photo: Steve Dunford of Impressions of Algonquin)