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Pint-Sized Pups Work to Save Mexican Gray Wolves

Ten weeks old and taking the Internet (and the world) by storm!

On April 26, Mexican gray wolf Trumpet gave birth to five healthy pups, each destined for greatness in their own way. The largest of the litter, one of the two females, was chosen to embark on a historic journey – she was the first solo pup ever cross-fostered into a wild Mexican gray wolf family! She’s now a living, breathing part of the southwestern landscape where she lives with her adoptive family as a member of Arizona’s Saffel pack. More:

The four remaining pups that reside at the Wolf Conservation Center may seem to be outshone by their wild-dwelling sister, but their presence at the WCC helps to further Mexican gray wolf recovery. Through a network of live-streaming cameras that allow a global audience to witness the first steps, squeaks, and snuggles of these pups, thousands of people are learning just what it means to be a Mexican gray wolf. The pups have a direct link to the wild and therefore, so does every person who watches them grow.

Together, these siblings (separated by thousands of miles) are unknowingly saving Mexican gray wolves. Thank you, little lobos!