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Wolf Crashes Vulture “Committee” Meeting

A group of vultures is called a committee. A vulture who grows too comfortable around wolf is called “dinner.”

Lucky for these black vultures, Nikai had already eaten.

Although the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) is only an hour away from New York City, more wildlife calls the WCC campus home than a person might expect. From owls, vultures and eagles, to eastern coyotes, bobcats, and fox – New York’s Westchester County is pretty wild!

In an effort to increase our local impact, the WCC is committed to educating the local community on the wildlife with whom we share our landscape. This initiative includes providing off-site programs for schools, nature centers, libraries, and more to discuss the importance of our native flora and fauna. If you have questions regarding coexistence with wildlife local to the New York tristate area, or if you would like to find out more about our off-site programs pertaining to local wildlife, please visit the WCC Local Wildlife / Community Outreach webpage or contact our Wildlife Outreach Specialist Dana Goin at 914-763-2373.