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Youth Activist Encourages Children to “Spell” for Wolves

Meet Anagha, a wolf superhero – and a super speller!

Anagha, a 9 year old student, has always liked wolves and recently learned about the challenges they face in the wild. She hoped that if more people, especially her classmates, liked wolves they could have a better future, so she decided to organize a spelling bee to teach other kids about wolves and to raise money for the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC). The spelling bee words were all wildlife-focused and together, they raised $300 from 30 elementary and primary school-aged children participating! 

WCC’s Director of Education, Regan Downey, spoke with Anagha about why she wanted to save wolves:

I am a wildlife and nature lover. Wolves are my favorite animals – they make a lot of difference to the environment. I developed more interest in wolves when I had to do a mini research for my Science Project. It was then, I learnt about Wolf Conservation Center and the hard work they do to support wolves.

My presentation on wolves and conservation was much appreciated by my classmates. It motivated me to go one step ahead and support WCC’s goals!

I developed and organized a Wildlife Spelling Bee for the elementary school kids with the help from my community and family. It has been a huge learning experience and I am very proud that I can help young kids learn about protecting and conserving wildlife.

I love nature, birds, and wildlife and I love to be creative. My next fundraiser will incorporate all these and I hope to make my elementary friends appreciate and protect the earth we live in, one small step at a time.

I am always happy supporting nature!

Anagha R.

Thank you, Anagha, for always standing for wolves!